September 19-23 Schedule

Another week has passed.   During class time,  the first graders are enjoying reading their first reader, Fun With Pets.    The second graders are enjoying the challenge of sharpening their own reading skills and comprehending place value.   At recess, the children continue to be excited to use our new playground equipment.  

Next week, we really begin to settle into our routine.   Please see Sept. 19-23 for a schedule of events.    Feel free to print off this schedule and post it in a prominent place in your home for quick reference.

In an effort to communicate with parents, I will be posting a weekly schedule of events on my blog.     Please check this frequently for changes that might arise.     Another form of communication is your child’s agenda.     Please check this nightly for daily work or notes.    Even on nights that there is no homework assigned, please sign the agenda.    This will help me to know that you have received any notes from myself or the school.     Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

One thought on “September 19-23 Schedule

  1. Thank you, I find this blog an excellent tool, and appreiciate the time it takes you to bring this to us. May God bless you Miss Doyle in the love you show our children. 🙂 Thank you once again, In Christ, June Arsenault.

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