More Events for Sept. 26-30

Wednesday, September 28 = Terry Fox Run at 2pm

Due to the Terry Fox Run happening at school tomorrow, elementary students are excused from chapel clothes.    Please wear regular school attire with good running shoes.    Students should also bring their own water bottle for this event.

Thursday, September 29 = order and pay for Subway lunch ( late orders will not be accepted)

Friday, September 30 = Subway lunch for those preordered and prepaid

Science class  – This week, we have started our first unit of study in science.   We will be exploring the sea.     During story time, I am interested in reading some fictional stories set in the sea.    If your child has any books he/she would like to share with the class, please make sure his/her name is on the book before it comes to school.    We will read these books over the next few weeks and then return them.    Thanks for your help.


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