October 31 – November 4

Next week is a full, five day week of school.   Please see October 31-November 4 for the weekly schedule of events pertaining to our class.

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday, November 9 = Remembrance Day and Grandparents Day Assemblies (school closing at noon)

Thursday, November 10 = Professional Development Day (no school for students)

Friday, November 11 = Remembrance Day (no school)

Wednesday, November 16 = Report Cards go home

Thursday, November 17 = Parent Teacher Interviews (6-9pm, by appointment only)   Please sign up in the office.

Friday, November 18 = Parent Teacher Interviews (10am-12pm, by appointment only)   Please sign up in the office.

Schedule for October 24-28 includes fall party news

Another full week of school is finished.    The first graders continue to enthusiastically learn to read, while the second graders are working on reading fluency.   Nightly reading homework will help your child progress in their abilities.   For reading homework, your child should read the assigned pages twice to himself and once to an adult.   Upon completion of the assignment, please sign your child’s agenda nightly.   Thanks for your continued support in this vital aspect of your child’s education.

The most exciting event of our week happened today.   School pictures went home with your child, so please check those backpacks before your proofs are crushed.   Orders and payment are due back to the school by November 3.

Next week will be a fun filled week for our students.   The students are looking forward to our fall party, on Wednesday afternoon, October 28.   This year we will be a having a Scarecrow Shindig.    We will be playing lots of games and enjoying the company of Mrs. Devries’ class.    Students are welcome to dress up as friendly scarecrows.   They have been encouraged to find a suitable costume from old clothes found around home.   Cost for this event is $3 per student.   For specific details, please see the Scarecrow Shindig flyer.

The fun continues for students in the form of a long weekend.   Remember that there is no school on Thursday and Friday, October 27-28, as the teachers will be attending the ACSI Maritime Teacher’s Convention in Moncton.

As always, please see the October 24-28 schedule for a more detailed schedule of events and tests pertaining to our class.

Schedule for October 17-21

We have finished another week of school.   It was a short, but busy week with two field trips.    The children enjoyed learning about fire safety and exploring the fire trucks on Tuesday afternoon.   Then, on Thursday, we survived the Belfast corn maze.  

In addition to the corn maze, the students also enjoyed the corn cannons, a Hop-a-long Rodeo and the Human Gerbil Wheels.    However, most of the students would tell you the highlight was the Tractor Trakk.   Imagine go karts that look like tractors racing around a track powered by pedal power.   The children had a fantastic time.   Many thanks to the parents who generously drove and supervised these field trips.

Next week, we will be having a regular, full week of school.    Please see the October 17-21 for specific details.

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Our First Field Trip

We went on our first field trip today.    We spent the afternoon at the Charlottetown Fire Department Station 1 on Kent Street.    Fire fighter Cindy McFadyen taught us about fire safety.    We learned about needing two ways out of any room and the proper technique to stop, drop and roll if our clothes were on fire.   Fire fighter Cindy even gave the students homework.   Their homework is to ask their parents for a smoke detector in their bedroom (it’s the law) and to ask their parents where their meeting place is outside their home.  

After enjoying a short cartoon about the ABC’s of fire safety, we were able to tour the fire trucks.   Some of the students even got to try on real fire fighter’s gear.   This was definitelly the highlight for the students.   Unfortunately, my pictures did not turn out well.

As the class photographer, I will try to do a better job when we go to the corn maze on Thursday.   Remember, we will be having our school picture taken before we leave and then changing into play clothes.   We still need drivers, so if you would like to join the fun, please let me know.

Schedule for October 11-14

A rainy week has passed.    The students enjoyed the opportunity to play inside with their own small toy brought from home, but they were definitely excited to get back to our new playground on Friday afternoon.

Now that the weather has changed, I have a few reminders.   First, we will be playing outside on most days, so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately with a jacket, hat, mitts/gloves and rain/snow boots when needed.    Secondly, some children do not yet have a complete change of clothes at school.    Sometimes, an accident might happen (such as falling into a puddle).   When as accident happens,  it is much more convenient for your child to change quickly and return to class.    If I need to make a phone call to you, at work or home, your child will need to sit in wet clothes waiting until you come with a dry change of clothes.

Next week will be a busy week.    Monday, October 10 is Thanksgiving Day, so there is no school.   Please enjoy this time with family and friends as you take the time to reflect on the many blessings God has given you.  

 Throughout the week, we will be having our school pictures taken and we have two scheduled field trips.   Besides these special events, we are looking forward to seeing Mrs. Huizing in the library on Wednesday and enjoying Mathletics on the computers.

On Tuesday afternoon, October 11,  we will be visiting the Charlottetown Fire Department.     At the fire station, we will be learning about fire safety and seeing the fire trucks. 

Then all day on Thursday, October 13, we will be going to the Belfast Corn Maze.   Before going to the maze, will take the time to have our school pictures taken and change from good school clothes to farm friendly clothes.    At the farm, we will be enjoying  a couple of mazes, corn cannons, Tractor Trakks, an oversized sandbox, Human Gerbil Wheels, a Hop-a-Long Rodeo and making memories with our fellow classmates.    If you would like to join the fun, we still need drivers.    Please let me know if you are available.

For a detailed schedule of events and tests for our class please see October 10-14.

October 3-7

It is hard to believe that the first month of school has passed.    The second graders have already enthusiastically started reading their second reader, Teasure Chest.    The first graders continue to adjust nicely to their new routine.   

This week, test folders will go home for the first time.    Please take some time to review your child’s tests.   When you are finished looking at the tests, please put them back in their test folder and sign the paper included in this folder.    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me in person afterschool.    These formal assessment tools will help both myself and you as the parents see your student’s progress through the year.    There will also be many informal assessments done in class.    Report cards will combine both informal and formal assessments and as such, will attempt to give a more accurate picture of your child.

Also this week, Mrs. Sue Huizing, our new volunteer librarian, will be launching our new and improved library.    Students will be going to the library every Wednesday and Friday afternoon.    For more detailed information regarding our library please see the Library Announcement from Mrs. Huizing.

For a detailed schedule of events and tests for first and second grade, please see October 3-7.