February 6-10 Schedule

Next week is another short week.   Students have a four day week, followed by a long weekend starting on Friday, February 10.   Report cards will go home on Wednesday and parent teacher interviews are on either Thursday, February 9 from 6-9pm or Friday, February 10 from 10am-12noon.   Please contact the office if you would like an appointmtent.

The most newsworthy event of the week for our class  is that we have been invited to preview the Jack Frost Winterfest.   The only day we can attend is Friday, February 10.   For those that would like to attend, I will be taking my class to this event after parent teacher interviews on Friday morning.   Interested students must be dropped off at the school at 11:45am and picked up at 2pm.   I realize this is scheduled as a day off from school and you may have plans already, but I wanted to offer this opportunity to my students.   I also know that some of the children will attend with their families on the weekend.    Please make a decision regarding your child’s attendance at this event by Tuesday, February 7, as this is when permission slips and money are due.   If you do not want your child to attend, please email me so I can make plans accordingly regarding drives and supervision.

Please read the February 6-10 schedule for details specific to our class.   If you have not already read my post from February 1st called “February Dates and Events”, please take a moment to do so, as it has important information regarding our Valentine’s Day party and our 100 Days of School Celebration.