Winter Carnival 2012

Next week will be winter carnival week at Grace.   The student council sponsors dress-up days.   Remember that modest, clean, neat and appropriate are always the keys to remember when dressing for any school day.   The student council have chosen the following themes:

Monday, March 12 -Dream of coming to school in pajamas?  Make that dream a reality and start the week wide-awake in your jammies!

Tuesday, March 13 – If you have ever wanted to be a twin, today’s the day!  Plan with a friend and come to school with a look-a-likes.

Wednesday, March 14 – Do you have a favorite character from a Dr. Seuss book?  Have fun and become the character today!

Thursday, March 15 – Who’s your superhero?  Whether he’s a caped crusader or an athlete or she’s a resourceful princess or an author, celebrate someone you admire today!

Friday, March 16 – Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a day in advance by wearing green today!

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