April 2-6 Schedule

The grades one and two class will begin their standardized tests next Wednesday, April 4 and Thursday, April 5.   There are a few hints I would like to give you to help ensure that your child does his best.    Please make sure that he eats a good breakfast and is well rested before the test.   Reducing stress as much as possible is important.   Sometimes doing something with your child that he particularly enjoys can help him to relax.   Testing will begin promptly at 9am, so please have your child at school on time.

When your child is not taking the standardized tests with me, he will be playing quietly in the fellowship hall under the supervision of our student teacher, Miss Grant.   The students are encouraged to bring a small indoor toy (non-electronic) to share with their friends during this free time.

Please read the April 2-6 schedule for specific details pertaining to our class.   Next week is a four day week, as we take time to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for everyone on Good Friday.   Please remember that there is no school on Friday, April 6 and Monday, April 9 in honour of Easter.

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