April 16-20 Schedule

After a few short weeks, we are back to a regular five day week for April 16-20.   Please read the April 16-20 schedule for specific information pertaining to our class.

New this week, we will be having show and tell.   All students are expected to participate.   On my blog, I will let you know what the weekly theme is.   Please help your child to pick out something related to our theme to bring each week.   Students will be expected to tell several sentences about their object.   Should they forget to bring an object, they will still be telling in front of the class, but it may be more difficult to do.   If your child is absent on their assigned day, your child will participate the following day.

This week’s show and tell theme is family.   Bring photos or drawings of your family.  Be prepared to tell their names and something about them.

Homework will restart on Monday.   A reminder that our classroom procedure for reading homework is that each child should read the assigned pages twice to himself and once to an adult.   Upon completion of the homework, an adult should sign the child’s agenda.  If homework was not completed, please leave me a quick note explaining that fact.   Agendas should be signed nightly, even on “no homework” nights to ensure proper communication between the home and school.   Thanks for your help in this matter.

Please remember to check the weather each morning and choose appropriate clothing for your child.   We will go outside most days, so raincoats and boots are vital.    Many of the children have wet socks after one recess, please send spare pairs to school.

Also, if you have not sent a complete change of clothes with your child, please do so on Monday.   It is very convenient for your child to change quickly and return to class, saving you a trip to school, if an accident occurs.   Thanks for your help.