October 1-5 Schedule

It is hard to believe that we have finished one month of school already.   The children have settled nicely into their new routine.    Thank you to all the parents for taking the time to complete nightly homework and signing the agendas on a daily basis.

This week, the second grade students happily took home their second reader of the year, while the first grade students started homework for the first time.   This afternoon, our class had a Top Apple Celebration.   Over the past month, the students were united in their effort to remain Top Apples throughout three different benchmarks of the day (1st recess, 2nd recess, and the afternoon).   We celebrated their hard work and effort today.   At home, please continue to reinforce the neccessity of obeying right away while following directions.

Also, over the past month, we have been taking weekly trips to the computer lab to practice our math skills on www.mathletics.com .   Each child has their own unique username and password for this program (stapled in the front of their agenda).    This is a fantastic web site that strengthens math skills in many areas.    Your child has access at any time and anywhere there is internet.   This is a great way to spend useful computer time at home, as well as at school.   At school, we have the web site bookmarked in our favorites for easy access.   Please practice with your child so that he/she is familiar with how to log in properly.

As stated in my previous blog post today, there will be no school on Monday, October 1.   Faculty and staff will be showing their love and support for Miss Bannister at her father’s funeral in Elgin, New Brunswick.   Classes will resume on Tuesday, October 2 at 9am.   If you are looking for something to fill the time on Monday, every child took home their readers and could benefit from 15 minutes of reading with an adult and Mathletics is always available.

Please read, print, and post in a prominent spot our October 1-5 weekly schedule.

GCS Closed Monday, October 1

Grace Christian School will be closed on Monday, October 1.   Faculty and staff will be attending the funeral of Miss Ellen Bannister’s father in Elgin, New Brunswick.    Thank you for understanding about the change in schedule.

Classes will resume on Tuesday, October 2 at 9am.

September 24-28 Schedule

The second full week of school is done.   The students continue to settle into their new routine well.    The second grade students are working hard to be positive examples and the first grade students are working hard to follow our classroom procedures and expectations.   Please click, read and print the September 24-28 schedule.    This has many specific details pertaining to our class including test dates, special events, lunch options, etc.

Homework begins this week.   Each day at school, your child will record their homework in their agenda.    We will use the abbreviation HR for Handbook for Reading and various other initials for their readers.  (Example: FP = Fun with Pets)   Generally, reading homework is assigned four times a week and written spelling homework is assigned once a week.

At home,  students should read their reading assignment in a quiet place by themselves twice and then read it once to their parents.   The reading assignment should be read a total of three times by the student.   Parents should encourage good expression, smoothness, accuracy and speed.   If a student does not know a word, the parent should say “Sound it out.”   If a student still cannot read the word, the parent may tell him the word.   Students should spend 15 minutes on their reading homework.

When written spelling homework is assigned, students should copy their list on lined paper, parents check for accuracy and return by the conversation pocket of the agenda the following morning.  First grade parents, keep the top half of the spelling list at home for study throughout the week.     Second grade parents, keep the spelling list and have your child return their homework written on lined paper.   It is helpful to review the spelling list nightly, either orally or on paper, in preparation for their weekly spelling test.

When your child completes their homework, please sign your child’s agenda in the corresponding day’s block.   If homework is not completed, please write me a note of explanation.    Remember, to ensure proper communication between home and school, your child’s agenda should be signed nightly.

Dates to remember:

Tuesday, September 25 = fundraiser coupon book orders due

Wednesday, September 26 = Terry Fox Run at 2pm

Family members are welcome to join us, as we walk in memory of Terry Fox and raise money for cancer research.   Students should bring their own water bottle.

Friday, September 28 = Scholastic book order due

Monday, October 8 = Thanksgiving Day, no school

Friday, October 12 = Fall Party at the Belfast Corn Maze

September 17-21 Schedule

It has been a wonderful start to the new school year and I am enjoying getting to know your child better.   There are a few procedures I would like to highlight so that our class time runs smoothly.

Morning routine: Please ensure your child is at school between 8:45-8:55am as this will give him/her time to get pencils sharpened and to chat with their classmates before starting their daily work.

Agendas:  Student agenda should come to school daily.   To ensure proper parent/teacher communication, your child’s agendas needs to be signed daily on the corresponding date even if he/she has no homework.   Thank you to those parents who have already started this routine.

Lunch: Children do not have microwave privileges until grade three, therefore please pack hot food items in a thermos.   The school does not provide: spoons, napkins or straws.   If your child needs any of these items, please be sure to pack them in their lunch bags.

Afterschool routine: Please wait for your child in the main parking lot.   This reduces the amount of people waiting just inside the door and in the hallways.   Also remember for safety reasons, there should be no vehicles at any time enter the loop in front of the school door (where the staff parks).    All vehicles are to be in the main parking lot.   If you are dropping off your child, please park in the appropriate spaces in the main parking lot (not beside the church).

Physical education:   Gym classes will be held on Thursdays and Fridays.   For modesty, girls are asked to wear pants or shorts.   No skirts/dresses please.   Students are encouraged to bring a waterbottle to gym class.

Library:  Books will be checked out on Wednesday and are expected back by the following Monday.

Please click and read the September 17-21 for specific details pertaining to our class.   This schedule reminds you when we have special classes, testing and hot lunch options.   Enjoy the beautiful weather.

September 10-14 Schedule

We are off to a wonderful start this school year.   Today, we had a great time at the Back to School Bash.   Thank you to Miss Farrer and her class for organizing and running the Grace Christian School Summer Olympics 2012.   There were lots of laughs and giggles as the students participated in a kid friendly version of the “septathlon”.

Next week, we will continue to settle into our regular routine.   Many of our non-academic subjects, such as music, gym, computers, library and art, will begin.   Please click on the September 10-14 schedule for specific details.   You may find it helpful to print a copy and post it on the fridge for quick reference throughout the week.

Please continue to check your child’s agenda nightly.   Even on nights when no homework has been assigned, please sign your name in the corresponding day’s box to ensure proper communication between home and our classroom.

Plan to attend our Parent Information Meeting this Tuesday (September 11) at 7:00pm.  We will be discussing general school procedures and policies and also introducing our new school management software which will allow parents to access pertinent information about their child’s progress during the school year.  Our school committee will also provide parents with opportunities to join in events to help promote and raise funds for our school including our upcoming Ford Test Drive Fundraiser on October 17.   In order to maintain open lines of communication between home and school, it is important for at least one parent in each family to attend this meeting.   Please make plans to attend.

Welcome to 2012/2013

Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year.   Please check our classroom blog frequently for news pertaining to our class.   Each  weekend, I will post a detailed weekly schedule of event for our class.   Additional changes will be posted on the blog throught out the week.   This is the best way to stay current with our classroom.   The easiest way to follow our blog is by email.   Please use the “Follow blog via email” function on the right hand side of this blog.

Here are a few things you need to know for this week:

School starts on Thursday, September 6.   Students are encouraged to arrive between 8:45-8:55am to prepare for the day.  It would be helpful if each child would arrive with their school supplies on the first day of school.   For a printable copy of school supplies please click on this link: School Supplies

On Friday, September 7, we will be collecting for the school milk program.    Milk must be paid for on Friday morning and your child will receive the milk on the following week.    White milk is $.45 a day and chocolate milk is $.65 a day.    Many parents find it helpful to give me $20 and I will tell them when their milk money is running low.   Please send money in a clearly marked small white envelope.   ex: Kevin Doyle, 5 white milk, $2.25

Also on Friday, we will be having our Back to School Bash.   This year we will be having an Olympic themed event at the West Royalty Centre.    Permission slips will need to be signed and returned on Friday morning.   Permission slips will be in the front pocket of your child’s agenda.    This agenda will go back and forth between home and school daily.    Please sign your child’s agenda nightly to ensure proper communication.