100 Days Smarter

100 days[1]On Wednesday, February 20, our class anticipates celebrating the 100th day of school.   Students have been counting the days since they started school in September and they are keen to explore the number 100.   Of course, the date will be later if we have any storms.

As we celebrate being 100 days smarter, one of our activties will be a special show and tell.   Each student has been asked to present a collection of 100 things, displayed in an creative manner, to their classmates.   Suggestions and specific instructions are in the conversation pocket of your child’s agenda or available by clicking here: 100 Days of School Collections

I am looking forward to seeing the collections and creativity of each student.   Please let your child use his/her imagination.   The possibilities are endless and hopefully inexpensive too.   Remember completed projects are due on Tuesday, February 19.   Thanks.