Feb. 25 – March 1 Schedule

Last week was a short and busy week.   There was lots of fun and learning on Thursday, as we celebrated being 100 days smarter.   The projects with one hundred things were very unique and creative.   Please take a few minutes to see some of our activities that I have posted on the wall outside our classroom.   In the near future, I will try to post some pictures of the other activities we participated in on the one hundredth day of school.

After a short and exciting week, we are back to a regular five day week.   On Tuesday afternoon, we will be having show and tell.   We will be having a Stuffed Animal Pet Fair.   Each student is limited to one  stuffed animal small enough to fit into their backpack.   Students will be expected to introduce their animal and tell one reason why their pet is special.   All students will be participating, so please help your child remember to pack their friend for Tuesday morning so that the “telling” will be easier.

On Wednesday, the Student Council is hosting an Anti-Bullying Day.   Staff, parents and students are encouraged to wear pink in support of this Island wide campaign.   We will be talking about this important issue in our class.

winter-girl-ice-skating[1]On Friday afternoon, the elementary students will be going skating at Simmons Arena on North River Road.  Helmets are mandatory for everyone under 18 years of age.   Drivers and supervisors are needed.   We will be leaving the school at 1:15pm.    All students must be picked up at Simmons Arena by 2:30pm.   If your child needs a drive back to school, please email me as soon as you know, as seats are limited in my car.

For our detailed weekly schedule, please click, read, print and post: February 25-March 1

Upcoming dates to remember:

Fridays, March 1, 8, 15 = Skating at Simmons Arena (Ice time: 1:30-2:30pm)

March 16-24 = March Break

Friday, March 29 = Good Friday (no school)

Monday, April 1 = Easter Monday (no school)