February 4-15 Schedule

Next week is a short week for the students.   We will only be having classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.   On Tuesday afternoon, we will be having show and tell.   This week’s theme is winterWinter-kids[1]  Students should bring one item that represents winter or reminds them of a winter activity.   All students will be expected to participate by sharing two or three sentences with the class.   It is much more difficult to tell without an item in hand.   Please practice with your child, so that he/she will have an idea of what they would like to share with the class.

Please read, post and refer to the weekly classroom schedule:   February 4-15  (Note: This includes next week’s short week and the following week as well.)

Upcoming dates to remember:

Monday, February 4 = Professional Development Day (no school for students)

Thursday, February 7 = Parent Teacher Interviews (6-9pm, by appointment only)

Friday, February 8 = Parent Teacher Interviews (10am-12pm, by appointment only) No school for students.

Friday, February 15 = Valentine’s Day Party (1-3pm) (details to follow in a blog post)

Monday, February 18 = Islander Day (no school)

________, February ? = 100th Day of School Celebration (more details to follow in a blog post, as the date gets closer)

Fridays, March 1, 8, 15 = Skating at Simmons Arena (Ice time: 1:30-2:30pm)