October 28th – November 1stW

We had a blast at the fall party at the Laird’s Farm on Wednesday afternoon!  Thank you to all the parents who drove us out and back. Students enjoyed a hay ride, and a scavenger hunt. I think the zip line was the highlight.  Here are a few shots from the afternoon.

IMG_3688 IMG_3690 IMG_3715 IMG_3754 IMG_3756 IMG_3766  IMG_3790 IMG_3795 IMG_3800 IMG_3810


This week in grades one and two we will have show and tell on Friday.  Please help your child prepare what he or she wants to say about the item they bring in.  The theme for this week is Hobbies. Students are asked to bring something that tells about a hobby that they do or someone in their family does.

This week’s tests:

Grade one:

  • Monday October 28th — Spelling test list #3
  • Wednesday October 30th — Phonics test 
  • Thursday October 31st– Math Test
  • Friday November 1st — Spelling test list #4

Grade two

  • Monday October 28th — Spelling test list # 5
  • Wednesday October 30th — Phonics test
  • Thursday October 31st — Math test
  • Friday November 1st — Spelling test list #6

Upcoming Events at GCS

Tuesday October 28th  at 6:00pm – 7:00pm — Parent information night on Cyber-bullying. This is a student-led discussion on Cyber-bullying.  Students in our Junior and Senior High have been working with Mrs. Huizing and world renowned expert on Cyber-bullying, Perry Aftab.  Students of all ages are influenced by the internet.  Come out on Tuesday night to be more informed about how to protect you child against Cyber-bullying.   Childcare is provided.


Thursday November 7th — Remembrance day Service and Grandparents day celebrations.  This will be a full day.  Morning classes will take place a usually.  Remembrance day service will begin at 1:00 pm followed by our Grandparents day Celebrations.  Grandparents Celebrations will start at 2:15 in the sanctuary. Following the presentation Grandparents are invited to come down to visit your grandchild’s classroom.

Saturday November23rd — Pancake breakfast and Silent Auction. Proceeds will help support the Grade 11 & 12 Jamaican Mission Trip.


October 21st – 23rd

I would like to welcome William to our class! William is a grade two student who has recently moved from Ontario to PEI. We are glad to have you in our class and pray that you have felt welcome your first couple of days.

This week is a short week for the students.  There will be no school on Thursday and Friday because the teachers will be travelling to the annual ACSI teacher’s convention in Moncton.

There will be no show and tell this week.  A new spelling list will be given this week, however we will not have the test until Monday, October 28th.  When your child is doing their spelling homework, please make sure any extra sheets they have used are stapled to the back of their homework sheet.  Also, in your child’s homework folder I have included a copy of addition and subtraction facts up to seven (Grade two will soon have more).  They should be reviewed throughout the week for homework so your child can quickly recognize their addition and subtraction facts.

On Wednesday afternoon the students will conclude their week  with a fall party.  This year the elementary will be travelling to the Laird’s farm.   A permission slip was sent home in your child’s agenda on Friday.  Please sign and return the slip by Tuesday.

Date of event: Wednesday, October 23, 2013                     Time:  12:00 – 3:00

Place where event will take place: The Lairds’ Farm

Details particular to this event:  For our annual Fall Party, the elementary classes will be travelling to Grant and Anne Laird’s farm for the afternoon. We will enjoy a barbeque, a hayride, and some good old-fashioned games. Students can dress up as cowgirls and cowboys or any variety of country bumpkin. Please be mindful of the weather as it is getting colder this time of year.

We will not have the bus to travel to the farm so we will need drivers to transport students.  If you are willing to be a driver please let me know.





October 15th-18th

I hope you all have a great weekend with family and friends. We have so much to be thankful for this weekend and throughout the year.  I very much enjoyed having my family over today for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s always great to spend time with family and friends.

We are back to school tomorrow with a short but busy four day week.   On Wednesday we are asking you to come take part in the Honda Test Drive Event. For each person who test drives a car Honda will donate $20 to the school.   Please come out to support our school and make this fundraiser a success!


On Thursday October 17th school pictures will be taken.

There will be hot dogs to order for Friday.  Forms will be sent home in your child’s agenda.  Please send in your orders by Thursday.  Also, please to remember to send in milk money by Friday if you wish to have milk for the week of Oct. 21st.

Show and tell this week will be split between Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday we will have Josh, Clara, Eva and Jayden share something for show and tell.  All others will share on Friday.  Your child may bring any one item that is special to them to share with their classmates.  Please remember to help your child prepare what they want to say.

Spelling homework will continue to be sent home each night.  Students are required to do at least three of the activities each week. However, if you find that your child needs more practice with the words please have them write out their words each night.

Upcoming tests

Grade one:

Wednesday October 16th — Phonics test # 3

Thursday October 17th — Math test # 3

Friday October 18th — Spelling test for list #2

Grade Two:

Wednesday October 16th — Phonics test # 4

Thursday October 17th — Math Test # 3

Friday October 18th — Spelling test for list # 4

It’s hard to believe that we are starting to think about Christmas already. We have chosen an Elementary play this year that our very own Miss. Robins has written.  We are excited about getting started on the practices here at school.  In the next few days parts will be sent home with your child.  Please encourage your child to practice his or her part at home so our practices can go smoothly.

Looking forward to the week ahead! 🙂




Coming up this week Oct. 7th -11th

This past week we welcomed a new student into our grade two class.  Welcome to grade two Karlea!! It is great to have you in class.  We are looking forward to getting to know you more this year.

This week Grade one starts their spelling lists.  Spelling lists will be sent home each week in their yellow homework folders (grade two folders are grey). Words will be introduced in class on Monday and spelling exercises will be given in class to help them understand the words.   For homework students have a tic-tac-toe sheet with a variety of ways to help them study their words.  Students will choose at least 3 activities to complete before Friday.  Once your child has completed an activity please make sure you sign their sheet and have them staple any extra sheets they have used to the back of their homework sheet.  On Friday students will write a test with the words from their list.

Grade two homework has the same format.  This week grade two is working on their third spelling list.

We will have show and tell this week. This week’s theme will be “I am thankful for…” Students may bring in a item, a picture or anything they are thankful for.  Grade one show and tell will be on Friday afternoon. Grade two will be split into two groups.  The first group (Kyler, Josh and Clara)  will be asked to bring their show and tell on Wednesday. The second group ( Karlea, Ceciley and Owen) will bring their show and tell on Thursday.  Show and tell is a great way for students to gain confidence in speaking in front of people.  This week we will be focusing on speaking clearly and loud enough so everyone in the room can hear.   It is helpful for student to practice what they want to say before they present it to the class. Please help your child prepare what they would like to share.  Each student will have 2 – 3 minutes to share.

Dates to remember

  • October 7th-11th – World vision coin drive. worldvision
  • October 11th — Milk money due for the week of October 14th – 18th
  • October 16th — Honda Test drive event
  • October 17th — School pictures  

This week’s test:

  • Friday October 11th — Spelling test list #1 for Grade one
  • Friday October 11th — Spelling test list #3 for Grade two


Looking forward to the week ahead.