March 3rd – 7th

Hello Parents,

Last week we celebrated our 100th day of school.  I will start off with a few pictures of Friday’s events.  We made 100th day hats, and did a lot of activities with the number 100.

100 day snack Graphing 100 Fruit  Loops Reading 100 words 2014-02-27 09.56.16 2014-02-27 09.57.34 2014-02-27 09.57.53 2014-02-27 11.34.13


The week’s tests:

Grade one:

Thursday — Phonics test

Friday — Spelling test # 17

Friday — Math test


Grade two:

Wednesday — Phonics test

Friday — Math Test

Friday — Spelling Test # 20



This Friday we will be going skating again at Simmons arena.  Students will be leaving the school at 1:00.  Students are to be picked up at the rink no later than 2:45.Students must have a helmet to be on the ice.  Any students who are not skating must be picked up by 12:00.

Winter Carnival Schedule: March 10-14th

This year’s winter carnival will take place the week of March 10th – 14th. This year’s winter carnival events will be as follows:

 Show your school spirit and join in the fun by participating in our theme days!

 Monday March 10th –    Pajama Day 

                   Wear your favorite pajamas to school (but don’t forget to wake up)!  Bring your teddy bear or other favorite stuffed toy and have a photo taken to commemorate the day.

Tuesday March 11th-      Disney Character Day

                        Have you got a costume?  Great.  Are you a creative mind who can make one?  Great.  If not, join in the day by wearing a t-shirt or sweat-shirt, or carrying something with a Disney character motif.  .

Wednesday March 12th- First Day of Grace Christian School

                             In 1978, kindergarten classes began at Grace Christian School with elementary classes added in 1980.  Celebrate the early years of GCS by dressing up in the styles of the 1970’s and 80’s.  Old yearbooks will be on display.

Thursday March 13th –   Create Your Own Fad Day

                    Calling all trend-setters!  Create your own unique style for the day.  Usually wear one pony-tail?  What about five pony-tails?  Like to collect pins?  How about covering your shirt with them?  Two different coloured shoes?  Why not!  Display your creativity and let your personality shine.

Friday March 14th –      Backwards Day

Wear you shirt and pants backward for the day.  We will be doing things in class a little backwards this day as well.  In the afternoon Kindergarten- grade 2 will be going skating.


There is a lot coming up in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned in and keep updated on all the upcoming events.

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