Winter Carnival Week March 10th – 14th

Hello Parents,

This is a fun and exciting week coming up.  It’s our Winter Carnival.  Every Day this week there is a dress up theme.  See below for details for each day.

Monday March 10th –    Pajama Day — Wear your favorite pajamas to school (but don’t forget to wake up)!  Bring your teddy bear or other favorite stuffed toy and have a photo taken to commemorate the day.

Tuesday March 11th-      Disney Character Day–  Have you got a costume?  Great.  Are you a creative mind who can make one?  Great.  If not, join in the day by wearing a t-shirt or sweat-shirt, or carrying something with a Disney character motif.  .

Wednesday March 12th- First Day of Grace Christian School — In 1978, kindergarten classes began at Grace Christian School with elementary classes added in 1980.  Celebrate the early years of GCS by dressing up in the styles of the 1970′s and 80′s.  Old yearbooks will be on display.

Thursday March 13th –   Create Your Own Fad Day  —  Calling all trend-setters!  Create your own unique style for the day.  Usually wear one pony-tail?  What about five pony-tails?  Like to collect pins?  How about covering your shirt with them?  Two different coloured shoes?  Why not!  Display your creativity and let your personality shine.

Friday March 14th –      Backwards Day — Wear you shirt and pants backward for the day.  We will be doing things in class a little backwards this day as well.  In the afternoon Kindergarten- grade 2 will be going skating.

This week’s Tests:

Grade One:

Friday — Spelling test  ( I have attached a link to this week’s spelling list, for those who would like to get a start on studying them over the weekend.List18)

Grade Two:

Wednesday — Phonics test

Friday — Math test

Friday — Spelling Test # 21  ( I have attached a link to this week’s spelling list, for those who would like to get a start on studying them over the weekend. List21)

My grade one and two’s are very enthusiastic this year when it comes to our Bible time.  It’s great to see that they are so excited to learn about the things of God.  Each class we sing, read a story from the bible and pray.  The last day of school each week we will have an extended prayer time where each child has a chance to give any prayer requests they may have.   The students are very willing to share and are  thoughtful when it comes to praying for each other.  Then each student who wants to pray will get a chance to pray. This has been a great time during our class as we get to pray for each other and see how those prayers are answered.   Students are quick to ask for pray for family members who are sick or for parents who are travelling.  In particular we had been praying for Eva’s Nanny who had been in the hospital.    During our prayer time one day another student told Eva that he had been praying for her Nanny at home the night before 🙂 Students were able to see answered pray when Eva reported that her Nanny is now feeling much better and was able to go home from the hospital.   I love watching these student grow in faith in God.

I love that the students will sing the worship songs that we do in class throughout the day.  Yesterday our class was working very hard, grade two was writing a test and grade one was working on their seatwork.  The class was quiet except for one little boy who was singing while he worked “My God is so Big, so strong and so mighty.”  It was so  nice to hear.  I pray that what they will come to understand what they are singing and learning about.

One of their favourite songs is “It is Written.”  It talks about the word of God and how we should hide it in our hearts.  Last class we talked about how part of what hide it in our hearts means is to memorize the scripture.  In bible class the last couple of weeks we have been learning Prov. 3:5-6.  ” Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not learn on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your path.” This week we will start memorizing a new scripture verse.   Luke 2:52 to go along with our stories about Jesus when he was a boy.


I will leave you with a few pictures.

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Frankie was such a big help to Anson!

Frankie was such a big help to Anson!



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