May 26th – 30

Hello Parents,


It’s hard to believe that it is the last week in May.  The count down is on for the end of the year.  There is a lot going on these last few weeks.


First I want to say congratulations to two of our grade two students for making it to the track meet that will take place on Wednesday.  Kyler and Karlea will be competing in running event at UPEI on Wednesday.


There was some confusion last week about the grade one spelling list.  Some were studying list 25 and other 26.  I just wanted to clarify that this week we are all studying list # 27 in grade one.  The test will take place on Friday for list 27 as usual.  Grade two list for this week is #29.

This week’s tests

Grade one and two

Wednesday May 28th – Phonics test

Thursday May 29th — Math test

Friday May 30th – Spelling test


Upcoming events

Wednesday May 28th — Track and Field meet at UPEI

Golf Tournament:

3rd Annual Golf Tournament:  Grace Christian School is holding its 3rd Annual Fundraising Golf Challenge on Saturday, May 31st, at the Clyde River Golf and Country Club.  Registration is limited, so get your team registered today.  For more information:

Epic Cheer leading

Tuesday June 3rd –We are please to announce that the cheer girls will have two performances on  June 3rd.  They will be performing for the elementary at 2:30 and they will have another performance for the public that evening at 6:00..  The event will take place in the school gym.

Come meet the teacher

Friday June 6th — “Come meet the teacher”  day for Kindergarten and grade one.  I am excited to meet my grade one class for next year. On June 6th all those registered for grade one will come to my class for the morning and experience a day in Grade one.   In the past this has been a day off for the current grade one and two’s.  This year, however it will not be a day off for the current grade one and two’s.  It will be a regular school day for grade one and two.


Victoria Park

Monday June 16th  Victoria Park — We will taking a trip to Victoria park for a picnic and time to play at the park.  We will take the city bus down to the park and return to the school on the city bus.  If you are available to help with this trip please let me know.  I will send more information out shortly.


A Few reminders: 

Just a note about dress code for the last few weeks of school.  The weather is getting somewhat warmer and I just wanted to remind you that any skirts of shorts that are worn to school must be to the knee or below.

Please make sure your child is doing their homework each night and getting it signed.   When doing reading homework, have your child read it to themselves once, and then read it to you twice.  I know it’s harder what the weather is nice, however it is important that each student finish the year strong.


Stay tuned to the blog as more information and events come up.

Here are a few pictures from our track and field day at the school last Friday.

2014-05-23 14.07.21 2014-05-23 14.07.25 2014-05-23 13.02.38 2014-05-23 14.14.19 2014-05-23 14.22.44



Welcome Ella!

Hello Parents,

I’d like to welcome Ella to our classroom.  Ella joined our class on Thursday May 15th.   Ella is very sweet and has fit right into our classroom.    Students are encourage to continue to make her feel welcome and help her improve her English by talking to her and inviting her to play.


Last week  Grade one and two had a wonderful trip to the zoo.  One of the highlights of the trip was the live animal presentation where students were able to touch a hissing cockroach, a rabbit, a crocodile  head and a turtle.   The grade ten’s worked very well with each of the younger students.  Here are a few pictures from the trip.





Students were asked to go on a photo scavenger hunt and take pictures of different animals.  They also were asked to take a creative/silly photo…..this one gets my vote.



photo image image



It was a full week last week and they day after we went to the zoo we had a Teddy bear picnic.  The students chose this as a reward.  Here is a glimpse of our Teddy Bear Picnic.

image image image image image image



Field Day:

Tomorrow afternoon, rain or shine, Grace Christian School will be hosting an Elementary Field Day from 1:00 – 3:00 in order to prepare and qualify students for the up-coming Track & Field meets and UPEI next week.   Mrs. Laid will choose a couple of students from grade one and two to attend the Track & Field next week.

Students are reminded to arrive with the appropriate outdoor footwear and gym wear.


The school year is winding down very quickly, but there will be a lot going on in the next few weeks.  Please keep reading the blog for important information for the next few weeks.


The Zoo and Thursday’s Teddy Bear Picnic.

Hello Parents,


Just wanted to send a quick reminder that grade one and two students should be at the school tomorrow for 8:00 am.  The bus will be leaving shortly after 8:00.  Please have your child here by 8:00.


Grade one and two has earned 10 sets of eyes.  Each day if the students have more “smilies” than “saddies”, they earn a set of eyes.  When they get ten sets of eyes it earns them some extra time.  The last few times we have had extra recess or play time in the classroom.  This time the students have chosen to have a teddy bear picnic.    On Thursday May 15th students may take one teddy bear or stuffed animal with them to school.  They will be able to sit in class with us as we learn.  At lunch time we will take them on a picnic and have our lunch outside (as long as it is not raining) .     Only well behaved teddy bears will be permitted to stay with us in the classroom.  🙂





May 12th -16th

Hello Parents,


41721-aWe have an exciting week coming up in grade one and two.  We will be taking a trip to the Moncton Zoo on WednesdayMay 14th.  A permission slip was sent home with your child on Friday.  You can also get it   here if you have missed it. (moncton zoo permission slip)    Please have the money and the permission slip into the school by Tuesday.

Please note that we will be leaving the school around 8:00 am in order to get to the zoo between 10:00 and 10:30.  We will arrive back at the school between 3:15 – 3:30.

The cost for each student is $15, which covers admission to the zoo, a live animal demonstration, and transportation fees. Students should bring a lunch with them to eat while at the zoo, as well as water.     Also remember to bring appropriate clothes for the weather (jacket, comfortable shoes for walking, etc) and sunscreen as we will be outside for the whole day.

Students should take their lunches in a backpack to make it easier to carry as they walk around the zoo.

We are taking the bus over.  The grade one and two students will be paired with grade ten students to tour the zoo.  Parent chaperons  are not required, however the bus does have some space if some parents are interested in coming with us.  Please let me know if you would like to attend.    The cost for an adult will be $10.o0 to cover the cost of admission.


The students are excited about this trip!


This week’s tests

Grade one

Tuesday May 13th — Phonics test

Thursday May 15th — Math test

Friday May 16th — Spelling test list 24


Grade two

Tuesday May 13th — Phonics test

Thursday May 15th — Math test

Friday May 16th — Spelling test list 27


Upcoming School Events

A huge thank you to all those who participated in the Family Fun Run last Saturday!  It was a great success.  The money raised will go toward a basket ball hoop in the elementary play ground.

Also thank you to those who test drove a car on Wednesday!  We raised $5400 for our school.

3rd Annual Golf Tournament:  Grace Christian School is holding its 3rd Annual Fundraising Golf Challenge on Saturday, May 31st, at the Clyde River Golf and Country Club.  Registration is limited, so get your team registered today.  For more information:



This past week we did some zoo themed learning centers.  Here are a few pictures from those centers:

2014-05-05 14.36.38 2014-05-05 14.36.57 2014-05-05 14.37.30




Mrs. MacNeill took the students outside on a “Matter Walk” for their science class.   They LOVED being called “scientists”. They talked about the words “OBSERVATIONS” and “DATA”.  They had to pair up and find the 3 states of matter around the school yard.   


2014-05-06 14.31.40 2014-05-06 14.32.09 2014-05-06 14.32.29 2014-05-06 14.33.15 2014-05-06 14.33.39






More zoo learning centers.  In these centers the students were reading about the different animals they might see on their trip to the zoo this week.


2014-05-09 14.39.50 2014-05-09 14.40.03 2014-05-09 14.40.16



We are very excited that the weather is finally getting nice.   On Friday we were able to have our lunch outside.

2014-05-09 12.48.29