Sept. 29th- Oct. 3rd

Hello Parents,

Sorry for the late post. I hope you all enjoyed the great weekend we had and have settled in well to the new week.  It’s hard to believe we have been in school for almost a month already!

Today we welcomed Daniel to our class.  Daniel is in grade two and we are happy to have him join us in our class.  We pray the he will settle in quickly and feel  welcome at Grace.

Here are a few important things to remember about this week and in the weeks ahead.


This week’s tests for grade one and two:

Math Test:  Thursday Oct. 2nd

Phonics test:   Friday Oct. 3rd

Grade two: Spelling  test  # 2 Friday Oct. 3rd.

Grade one will be introduced to their first spelling list this Friday.  Their first spelling test will take place Oct. 10th.


This week’s lunch menu:

Thursday:  Subway

Friday: Hot dogs

If you wish to order milk for your child please send the order and Money in with you child on Wednesday.  Please remember to put all money in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, the purpose of the money and the amount in the envelope.


International Dinner:
Grace Christian School EAL Program & Student Council invite you to their 1st International Potluck Dinner, on October 6, 2014, at 5:30 PM.  Families are asked to bring a dish or dessert to share that represents their family’s heritage. GCS will provide tea, coffee and cold drinks as students from around the world entertain us with their talent! For more information contact Mrs. Huizing.  What a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our students at GCS.  Hope to see you all there!

Elementary School choir

Students in grade one and two are invited to join the elementary school choir.   We will be practicing a song for our grandparents day celebrations.  Practices will be held every Thursday from 3:00 – 4:00.  This week will be the last week for accepting new members.  If your child wishes to join the choir, please ensure they can make it to all practices.

Coupon Booklets

Once again this year, students will have the opportunity to participate in the 2014 Fantastic Fall Saver Coupon Book campaign, as part of our school’s fundraising efforts. The money raised is necessary to allow for various educational and extra-curricular activities at GCS. This year, a portion of the funds raised will also be donated to the QEH Foundation. The booklets can be purchased for $10. Students are asked to return their sale forms and money on October 8 or 9. Coupon booklets will be sent home on Tuesday, October 14.



Have a great week!

Mrs. Barton



Sept. 22nd – 26th

Hello Parents,

This school year is off to a great start.  We have  lots of things to keep you updated on.

Grade two spelling and this week’s tests

This week will mark the first spelling list for grade two.   On Friday grade two students were given a spelling notebook which will be used to write their lists out each night.  The list is located in your child’s how homework folder.  Each night students should write out their list three times in their notebook.  There is an example in the front of the homework folder to let you know that should look each night.  We will have our first spelling test on Friday for Grade 2.

Grade one will begin testing this week as well.  Grade one and two will be tested on the same days.

Penmanship Test — Monday Sept. 22nd

Math Test –  Wednesday Sept. 24th

Phonics Test –  Thursday Sept. 25th

Spelling Test – Friday Sept. 26th (Grade two only)


Terry Fox Run 

The Terry Fox Run will take place on Wednesday September 24th.   In the afternoon students will meet in the sanctuary to see a short video on Terry Fox then we will head outside to walk around the loop.   A school picture will also be take after the run is over.   If you do not wish to have your child in this picture which will be used on our blogs and website, please ensure that you have signed the parent commission form.   Here is a link to where you can find one if you need it.  On the bottom of the form there is a box to agree or disagree to have your child’s picture used on our blogs and school web site.


Coupon Booklets:
Once again this year, students will have the opportunity to participate in the 2014 Fantastic Fall Saver Coupon Book campaign, as part of our school’s fundraising efforts.  The money raised is necessary to allow for various educational and extra-curricular activities at GCS.  This year, a portion of the funds raised will also be donated to the QEH Foundation.  The booklets can be purchased for $10. Students are asked to return their sale forms and money on October 8th or 9th.  Coupon booklets will be sent home on Tuesday, October 14th.


Lunch Program:

This year we are blessed to have some wonderful volunteer who will be heading up the lunch program.  There will be a rotation of Subway; Papa John`s pizza; Papa John`s chicken strips and hotdogs. These lunch choices are OPTIONAL.  You are not required to purchase them for your child.  Forms will be sent home at the beginning of each week. Please put all money and forms in an envelope with you child’s name clearly marked on the envelope. Money will be collected on Wednesdays.

 GCS Clothing:

The GCS Committee has once again organized a GCS Apparel Sale.  An order form outlining all of the different options (t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, etc.) as well as pricing and the actual order form was sent home in your child’s agenda. If you would like to order apparel, please fill out the order form and return it with the required payment to your child’s homeroom teacher by Friday, September 26.  If you have any questions, please contact Leanne Newson at or at 902-940-4657.  



In social studies this year grade one and two will be learning about Canada.  We started off our social studies by helping the students understand their place within Canada.  Our first lesson involved students creating a personal shield in which they drew pictures about their family, what they like to do, their home and what they would like to be when they grow up.  Students were then given the opportunity to present their shields to the class.   Our second lesson we looked at the map and the students we able to find their place on the map.  Here are a few pictures of our class project which helped the students understand their place on the map.

2014-09-18 14.29.12 2014-09-18 14.29.49 2014-09-18 14.35.57 2014-09-18 14.41.40

Ava Presenting her shield to the class:

2014-09-15 14.08.10

September 15th – 19th

Hello parents,


We had a great first full week in grade one and two!  The class has quickly settled into the new rules and procedures of the classroom.   Thank you for getting you child to school on time.  When students are there by 8:45 it will help them to be prepared for the day.


Every day your child will write their homework in their agenda.  Please sign the agenda each night so I can track homework.

Gym Days and Dress Code:

Grade one and two have gym class on Tuesday and Friday.  Please ensure your child has sneaker for gym.  We also ask that the girls not wear skirts or dresses on gym days.

For all other days please keep in mind that our dress code requires  that shorts, skirts and dresses must not be shorter than just above the knee.



Each student has a log in and password for a math program that we use in our computer class.   For students in grade two, your log in and password is the same as last year.  The program is new to grade one students.  You can find your child’s user name and password on the inside cover of their agenda.  Mathletics is a comprehensive on-line math program that includes sections where students practice hundreds of maths topics in ten-question increments, a live section where students can race against other students around the world in real-time, and additional games.  Students are encouraged to log in at home as well.  The live section of the program is a great way for students to practice their math facts.   The students’ work in Mathletics will account for a small percentage of their Math grade.

Grade two phonics test

Grade two will have their first phonics test on Friday September 19th.


School theme song

Our school theme this year is Be Transformed, which is centred around Romans 12:2.   Our theme song for this year is “Oh Happy Day”  Here is a link to check it out.



Thank you,

Mrs. Barton

September 8th -12th

Hello Parents,


We had a great first couple of days of school.  I have such a great grade one and two class!   The students had a blast at Canoe Cove Camp on Friday for their back to school trip.  We did some relay races, and games. We had a great chapel service and after the students had some free time to play on the playground.

Here are just a few pictures.

2014-09-05 10.28.12 2014-09-05 10.31.47 2014-09-05 10.32.02 2014-09-05 10.32.43 2014-09-05 10.44.01 2014-09-05 12.24.08 HDR 2014-09-05 13.45.31 2014-09-05 13.51.01

This week marks the beginning of a regular routine.  The students worked hard on Thursday to get familiar with classroom rules and routines.  There will be much more to learn and practice over the coming weeks but the hard work will pay off to make a great learning environment for all the students.


This year Grade one and two students will have a different teachers coming into the classroom.  I will be teaching the main subjects such as Math, Reading, Phonics and spelling.  Also, I will be teaching social studies  and music. Other subjects will be taught by the following teachers:

Bible:  Mrs. McGonnell

Science:  Mrs. MacNeill

Art:  Mrs. Bouter

Library:  Mrs. Huizing

French and Gym:  Mrs. Laird

Students will have Gym every Tuesday and Friday.  Please make sure you child has a pair of sneakers for gym, which can also be used for their indoor shoes.  Please no dresses or skirts on gym days.


Milk Program: 

The milk program will begin the week of Sept. 15th- 19th.  The cost for  white milk is .45 cents and chocolate is .70 cents.  Milk money is Due on Wednesday Sept 10th for the week of Sept. 15th-19th.  You may pay on Wednesdays on a weekly basis, or if you wish you can pay in advance for a month.  Please send the exact change in a sealed envelope (please no plastic zip-lock bags) and place it in your child’s agenda. On the envelope, please write the following:

  • Name of the student
  • The amount in the envelope
  • The purpose of the money 

Sending in money in this way helps us keep orders organized.  In an effort to keep our morning routine running smoothly, we will be collecting money only on Wednesday morning.  All hot lunch orders will also be collected on Wednesday.


Meet the Teacher Night:

Don’t forget that Tuesday night is Meet the teacher night.  The night will begin at 6:30 in the church auditorium for a presentation of some important information.  Following that you are invited down to your child’s classroom to meet the teacher and to see your child’s room.  I would love to meet you all to give you an idea of what your child’s day will look like.


Each night your child will be expected to do homework.  Reading homework will begin this week and will be written in your child’s agenda.  When helping your child with their reading homework you should encourage your child to read out loud to themselves twice and then read it to you once.  Please listen as they read to ensure they are reading correctly.  Encourage your child to use expression and to re-read if they are having difficultly with the passage.    Please sign your child’s agenda each night when they have completed their homework.

Grade one and two will also have spelling homework each night.  Spelling homework will being the week of Sept 22nd-26th for grade two and the week of Oct. 6th -10th for grade one.  Each students will have a homework folder that contains their spelling lists.  Spelling homework will be completed in a notebook each night and handed in every morning.

We will soon be learning about our addition math facts.  Grade two students will have math facts to study this week.   Grade one Math facts will begin the week of Sept. 15th – 19th.   Math facts are also in your child’s homework folder.  Keep an eye on your child’s agenda for more details on which facts they should study each night.

Dress code: 

Please keep in mind our school dress code when you or your child are picking out clothes for school.  Below is our dress code taken from the parent handbook.

5.3 Elementary School Dress Code (Grades 1-6)
Elementary clothes are to be modest, clean, neat, and
appropriate. Clothes with a rebellious or negative
message are considered dress code violations. Shorts are
permitted when appropriate for the weather. Shorts and
skirts must not be shorter than just above the knee.
Clothing not permitted in the elementary includes pyjamas
and tank tops.



I look forward to getting to know each of you this school year as we partner together in your child’s education.

Thank you,


Mrs. Barton






School starts tomorrow!!

Hello Parents!

Wow! It’s hard to believe that the school year is here already.   Tomorrow is the big day.  School begins again for the 2014-2015 school year.  I am excited to meet my new class and to have familiar faces back in grade two.


I hope you all enjoyed your summer.   It certainly went by very quickly.

School starts tomorrow at 9:00. Please have your child at the school ready to enter the building by 8:45.  It is important that students are here by this time.  An important part of our day happens between 8:45 and 9:00.  This time will be for the students to get their homework down and prepare for the day.   Students who arrive after 9: 00 am will be counted as late.  If you are new to the school there will be staff and helpers around to help you find your way down to our classroom.


What to bring:  

Tomorrow each student should bring with them the following items:

*Backpack that will hold a binder

*Lunch Box

*Indoor footwear that stays at school (no laces please, unless your child can tie their own shoes)

*A full change of clothes for your child

*Water bottle (with a non-spill lid only please)

* 2 large boxes of facial tissue

* 2 packs of baby wipe

*  Pencil sharpener (MUST hold shavings)


All students must have sneakers for gym.   The sneakers may also be used as their indoor shoes.  If there are girls who would like to wear dress shoes for their indoor, they must also have a pair of sneakers for gym.  We will have Gym on Tuesday and Friday starting next week.  Please no dresses or skirts on gym days. 

Tomorrow will be all about making the students familiar with school and classroom rules and procedures.    We will have some fun get to know you activities as well as some back to school stories.  First thing in the morning, the tissue and baby wipes will be collected and stored.  These items will be shared by the class.    I am looking forward to an exciting day of getting to know my students and having the students get to know each other.

Back to School Field Trip

On Friday we will be taking students to Canoe Cove Christian Camp for the back to school field trip.  untitled

We will have a time of fun and games as well as a chapel service.  We will be taking the bus, leaving at 9:00 am and returning to the school by 2:45 am.  Please remember to send the following items with your child: snack, lunch (that does not need to be heated), and a water bottle.  It is supposed to be a nice sunny day so please ensure that your child has put sunscreen on before he/she leaves home.  The cost for this trip is $4.00 per child.   

A permission slip will be given to your child tomorrow. Please make sure it is signed and returned by Friday, along with the money.   The money and permission slip should be put in a white envelope with your child’s name, the amount of money in the envelope as well as the purpose of the money.


School Theme



Our school theme this year is “Be Transformed”,  taken from Romans 12:2.  We will be talking a lot this year about how Jesus can transform our lives!  I am looking forward to seeing how God will work in the lives of our students.


See you all tomorrow!


Mrs. Barton