School starts tomorrow!!

Hello Parents!

Wow! It’s hard to believe that the school year is here already.   Tomorrow is the big day.  School begins again for the 2014-2015 school year.  I am excited to meet my new class and to have familiar faces back in grade two.


I hope you all enjoyed your summer.   It certainly went by very quickly.

School starts tomorrow at 9:00. Please have your child at the school ready to enter the building by 8:45.  It is important that students are here by this time.  An important part of our day happens between 8:45 and 9:00.  This time will be for the students to get their homework down and prepare for the day.   Students who arrive after 9: 00 am will be counted as late.  If you are new to the school there will be staff and helpers around to help you find your way down to our classroom.


What to bring:  

Tomorrow each student should bring with them the following items:

*Backpack that will hold a binder

*Lunch Box

*Indoor footwear that stays at school (no laces please, unless your child can tie their own shoes)

*A full change of clothes for your child

*Water bottle (with a non-spill lid only please)

* 2 large boxes of facial tissue

* 2 packs of baby wipe

*  Pencil sharpener (MUST hold shavings)


All students must have sneakers for gym.   The sneakers may also be used as their indoor shoes.  If there are girls who would like to wear dress shoes for their indoor, they must also have a pair of sneakers for gym.  We will have Gym on Tuesday and Friday starting next week.  Please no dresses or skirts on gym days. 

Tomorrow will be all about making the students familiar with school and classroom rules and procedures.    We will have some fun get to know you activities as well as some back to school stories.  First thing in the morning, the tissue and baby wipes will be collected and stored.  These items will be shared by the class.    I am looking forward to an exciting day of getting to know my students and having the students get to know each other.

Back to School Field Trip

On Friday we will be taking students to Canoe Cove Christian Camp for the back to school field trip.  untitled

We will have a time of fun and games as well as a chapel service.  We will be taking the bus, leaving at 9:00 am and returning to the school by 2:45 am.  Please remember to send the following items with your child: snack, lunch (that does not need to be heated), and a water bottle.  It is supposed to be a nice sunny day so please ensure that your child has put sunscreen on before he/she leaves home.  The cost for this trip is $4.00 per child.   

A permission slip will be given to your child tomorrow. Please make sure it is signed and returned by Friday, along with the money.   The money and permission slip should be put in a white envelope with your child’s name, the amount of money in the envelope as well as the purpose of the money.


School Theme



Our school theme this year is “Be Transformed”,  taken from Romans 12:2.  We will be talking a lot this year about how Jesus can transform our lives!  I am looking forward to seeing how God will work in the lives of our students.


See you all tomorrow!


Mrs. Barton

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