January 5th – 9th

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful break with family and friends.  I know I had a great break full of travelling around to see family and having family and friends into our home.   It’s hard to believe that we are into the new year already.  I am looking forward to all the 2015 has in store.


This week’s spelling test will take place on Friday.  Grade one will be studying list # 9 and grade two is list # 11.  As we go into this new year I just wanted to remind you of the spelling homework procedures.  Each night you child is to write out their spelling list in their spelling notebook.  Please date the top of the page so I know that it is being done each night.  Students are to turn in their notebooks at the beginning of each day.

New behaviour system: 

Tomorrow grade one and two will be introduced to a new behaviour system.  Each student will have a small memo pad which will be kept on their desk throughout the day.  Students can earn stickers in the memo pad when they are following classroom rules and expectations.  Our Classroom rules are: 1) Follow directions quickly 2) Raise your hand for permission to speak 3) Raise your hand for permission to leave you seat 4) Make smart choices.  Stickers may also be awarded when students go above and beyond expectations.   On Fridays students will be able to trade in their stickers for reward coupons.  They may trade as little as 5 stickers for a small prize in the prize box or they may choose to save up their stickers for such rewards as sitting with a friend or sitting in the teacher’s chair for the day.

In the class we also have a clip chart where every students starts on “Ready to Learn” each day.  The goal will be to stay on  green for the entire day.   Students can move down to ” Think about it”  if they are displaying inappropriate behaviour.   If inappropriate  behaviour continues students will be moved to “Parent contact.”  In this case students will be asked to fill out a “Think Sheet”  which asks them to  think about their behaviour and come up with a plan to change the behaviour.  This sheet will be sent home for parents to sign and is to be returned to school the next day.  If students receive more than one think sheet in a week it will result in a phone call home.

We will continue to use smilies and saddies for whole class behaviour management.  When the whole class is following directions and procedures they will get a smiley.  If the class is struggling to follow directions they will get a saddie. At the end the day students will get  letter in the prize they are working toward.  For example, our first reward students will be working for a “PJ and Movie”  day.   If they get more smilies than saddies tomorrow, students will earn the letter “P”.  When the whole word is spelled they will get to wear the PJ’s to school for the day.

Microwave schedule:

Before Christmas I mentioned that the microwave in our classroom was becoming a problem because there were too many students using the microwave, leaving very little time for some students to finish eating.  I do not wish to take the microwave out of the classroom because I understand that it offers more variety when you are planning lunches.  However, I can only offer each student one day where they will be able to bring a lunch that requires heating.   Below is the schedule I have created for each day.  The schedule will stay the same every week.


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


Hannah Belle Daniel Cody Eva
Julian Davis Riley Micah Dublin
Frankie Jude Ava S. Cheng Brianna
Sarah Jayden Brielle Gabe Chris

Avah  B.




In the case of winter weather:

Winter is here as we have seen today.  Please be reminded that we follow the English Language School Board for cancellations and delays.

  • We will post on the GCS Facebook (Grace Christian School – Prince Edward Island) or Twitter (@gcs_pei) feed
  • Each PEI radio station regularly announces delays/closures
  • The CBC Stormcentre website (http://www.cbc.ca/stormcentre/pei/)
  • The PEI radio station websites also post delays/closures on their sites
  • NEW THIS YEAR – families can opt in to a GCS text message notification. If school is delayed or canceled, a text message can be sent from GCS to one cell phone in the family to notify of the delay/closure. This is an OPT-IN ONLY program. If you would like to use this option, please email Jordan Ellis (jordanellis@gracechristianschool.ca) with the cell phone number that you want to have the text message notification be sent to.


Enjoy your week!


Mrs.  Barton


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