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As always, there are many more announcements and changes to make to the blog after staff meeting. Here we go!

Family Fitness Week – The FULL Version

We’re gearing up for the second annual Family Fitness Week! Events occurring throughout next week include…

Fitness Tip of the Day – Paying attention to morning announcements pays off! After it’s announced, students who are asked what the fitness tip of the day is may receive a tasty little prize. The fitness tips will also be blogged at the beginning of next week for those who are keeners.
The Step Challenge – Each elementary class will wear pedometers for one day to find out who is the most active! The class with the most steps on average will be awarded with delicious smoothies.
Healthy Snack – Twice during the week, students will be treated to a healthy snack. Yum!
Stop, Drop, and Exercise – At random times throughout the week, all students and teachers will need to stop whatever they are doing and participate in a minute of exercise. Let’s work those muscles!
Team Spirit Day – On Friday, April 21, students are encouraged to come to school wearing their favorite sports jersey. Comfort AND school spirit at the same time!
Duct Tape Challenge – As a fundraiser for the upcoming Fun Run, on Wednesday, April 20, students can help duct tape Mr. Allin to a wall. For every dollar donated, students will get two feet of duct tape to use. Bring in loonies to see if we can keep Mr. Allin hanging!
Jelly Bean Challenge – Throughout Family Fitness Week, students will get to place their guesses about the number of jelly beans in the jar. Guesses cost $0.25 each and the person with the closest guess will get all the jelly beans and a gift card to A&W!
Fitness Station Day – On Tuesday, April 26, students in grades K-6 will participate in various educational fitness stations led by high school students.
Fitness Game Day – On Wednesday, April 27, students in grades K-6 will play exciting fitness games.


Lacrosse – No Permission Form Needed

Remember that tomorrow there will be an introductory lacrosse lesson for any interested grade 1-6 students. This lesson will give a taste of Canada’s national sport. Unlike previously announced, permission forms will NOT be needed. Just show up.

Details are as follows:

When: Tuesday, April 19
Time: 3pm-4pm
Location: GCS
Cost: Free
Equipment: Gym clothes & sneakers

Family Fun Run

There is still time to register for those interested in the Family Fun Run taking place on Saturday, April 30. Take part in a 5 km walk or run and enjoy the GCS community spirit! Students can ask their homeroom teachers for forms if they have been misplaced.


Zoo Trip

As mentioned on last night’s blog post, grade 1-2 and 10 will be travelling to the Moncton Zoo on May 13th.  We will be taking the bus over and leaving the school at 8:00am and be returning to the school by 3:30pm. The cost for each student will be $17.00 to cover the cost of admission and travel expenses, and $10.00 for any parent volunteer who would like to come along. Permission slips will be sent home at the end of this week.  Please have your permission slips and money returned by May 4th as we have to have final numbers the week before we leave.

Students  will tour the zoo and take part in a photo scavenger hunt. Students will be divided up into small groups to tour the zoo and paired with either a parent volunteer or two grade 10 students.

Thats all for now!


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