March 13th-17th — Winter Carnival

Hello Parents,

We have a full week ahead of us before we all enjoy a much deserved Spring Break. Please take note of the following:

Winter Carnival:

Grace Christian School WINTER CARNIVAL is March 13th to 17th.

Show your school spirit and join in the fun by participating in our theme days! Remember that modest, clean, neat and appropriate is always the rule! Winter Carnival is organized and sponsored by G.C.S. Student Council.

Monday: PAJAMA DAY – A student favorite! Wear your favorite pajamas to school but
don’t forget to wake up!

Tuesday: DECADE DAY – Dress up like people from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or any
other decade from the past. Raid your parents’ closets!

Wednesday: RED CARPET / PRINCE & PRINCESS DAY – Dress up in formal celebration
clothes today. Wear a crown or a tiara if you want.

Thursday: DISNEY DAY – Have you got a costume? Great. Are you a creative mind who
can make one? Great. If not, join in the day by wearing a t-shirt or sweat-shirt, or carrying something with a Disney character motif.

Friday: SKIING at BROOKVALE (grades 3-12)                                    Green Day for Kindergarten and grades 1&2.


There has been a change in our library schedule.  We now have library on Wednesday.  Students are asked to return their book by Tuesday so they are able to take a book out each week on Wednesday.  students who do not return their books will not be able to take out a new book during the next class.

Kraft Hockeyville: PLEASE VOTE

O’Leary, P.E.I. has been named as one of 10 finalists for Hockey Night in Canada’s Kraft Hockeyville competition. This is the hometown of both Mrs. MacNeill & Mrs. Barton, both of whom have spent many hours with their friends and family over a good game of hockey. Even today, many of our students at GCS play hockey at the O’Leary Community Sports Centre.

The community is already guaranteed a $25,000 dollar prize to upgrade the O’Leary Community Sports Centre, just for making the top ten. It’s hoping to be in the top two, which would mean another $100,000 for rink upgrades and the top prize – the opportunity to host a preseason NHL game.

Residents of PEI are urged to showcase their Island-way of helping one another by going online to vote for O’Leary. At the same time, residents are asked to reach out to their family & friends, whether they are Islanders or not, to give O’Leary that little extra push towards the final line. Online voting begins on Sunday at 10 a.m., and runs until Monday at midnight. Please visit the Kraft Hockeyville Website to cast your multiple votes.

Mathletics March Madness Competition

Get your math brains on, students! The elementary classes have entered a national competition through Mathletics, an award winning interactive site that aims to improve maths skills through fun activities linked to the Canadian curriculum. Students earn points by completing activities and answering questions in Live Mathletics competitions. We are hoping the enthusiasm surrounding this competition grows and will help to increase our students’ math skills. And, who knows? We may even win a prize. We are currently 19th place out of over 700 schools!


Students can do Mathletics activities at home as well as in class. As long as they are connected to the internet and not using an offline Mathletics app, the points that they earn will count toward the competition.

Happy math-ing!
Mandarin Classes

GCS is proud to announce the beginning of Mandarin classes for all elementary students. We look forward to welcoming Mrs. Lin each Wednesday to help us learn a third language.

This week’s tests:

Wednesday — phonics

Thursday — Math test

Friday– Spelling ( List # 18 grade one, List #22 grade two) 

Important Dates:

March 13-17 – Winter Carnival (Details about dress up days will follow soon)
March 17 – Grades 3-12 Ski Trip
March 20-24 – March Break (No school)
April 7 – GCS Storm Basketball Game
April 14 – Good Friday (No school)
April 17 – Easter Monday (No school)




Enjoy your week!

Mrs. Barton



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