School closing early

Hello Parents,

Just a quick note to let you know that school is closing early in anticipation of the bad weather starting this afternoon.

Here is the notice from our Facebook page:


Wednesday, February 25th:

Grace Christian School will be closing TODAY at 12:15pm, as the
PEI English and French Language schools have announced that they are closing THREE hours early today.

“Early Dismissal Today due to anticipated weather conditions; all English Language School Board schools will be dismissing three hours earlier than normal today (February 25, 2015).”


Please be here to pick up your child no later than 12:15 


Thank you,

Mrs. Barton

February 23rd – 27th

Hello Parents,

We are looking forward to a full week of school this week!  Hopefully no more storms for a while!     Here is what is planned for the week.


Grade one will be working on list # 13 this week.

Grade two will be working on list # 16.  Don’t forget that list #16 marks the first week that grade two will have vocabulary words.  There are three vocabulary words which students will have to write the meaning of each word as well as know how to use them in a sentence.  The test for both grades will be on Friday, February 23rd.


Grade two pet show! 

Grade two have been reading a story called No Longer a Nobody.  In the story the main character, Sammy,  has a pet show to get ready for in his class.  Sammy doesn’t have a pet, but he finds a snail and he learns everything he can about the snail which becomes his pet.  Grade two will be finishing up the last chapter of this book on Monday.  I would like Grade two to have their own pet show in class this Thursday.

For this pet show I would like students to bring in a picture and/or video of their pet, or if you don’t have a pet, of your favourite animal.  Each student will be required to  show the picture or video of their animal and tell us three things about it.   Each student will be given five minutes to talk and take questions.

If your child has a video that they would like to show, please email it to me at   by Wednesday so I can have it ready to show on Thursday morning.

 This week’s tests:

Wednesday Feb. 25th — Math Test

Thursday Feb. 26th — Phonics Test

Friday Feb. 27th — Spelling test



Important information: 

International Potluck:

On Tuesday, February 24th at 5:00 pm, GCS will host a second International Potluck Dinner. All  GCS families are welcomed for another great night of food and entertainment from around the world! Entertainment will take place in the church sanctuary at 5:00 pm, followed by a potluck meal at 5:30 in the school gymnasium.

Outdoor Recess/Winter Temperatures:

As a staff we feel it is important to provide the students with as many opportunities to be outdoors as possible, even in the winter months.  After much discussion, we have agreed that students will be outdoors for recess in temperatures up to -20, including the windchill.  Please make sure your child is prepared for outdoor recess everyday, with proper winter clothing.  On occasion, in temperatures between -15 and -20, recess may be reduced to 10 minutes.

Skating Update & Reminders:

The students are hoping to hit the ice again this week for a second Elementary School Skate at Simmons Sports Arena, on Thursday, February 26th.  Here are a few key updates and friendly reminders to be aware of:

  • Bussing: The school has generously offered the GCS school bus for us to use for the following 2 Elementary School skates on Feb. 26th & Mar 4th.  That being said, not all Elementary students can travel on the bus safely.  We strongly encourage parents who are available, and would enjoy a skate themselves, to pick their child up at the school by1:10 PMand travel to the arena.  We are hopeful this will reduce the amount of parents feeling obligated to take time off to assist us with drives.  As always, we greatly appreciate the support of so many parents.  Thank-you!
  •  Pick-Up Times & Location: Students will conclude skating at 2:30 to allow time to untie skates and prepare for the trip back to the school via the bus.  Parents who wish to pick their child up at the rink must do so before 2:50, however the bus will be available to return students to school for 3:00.  Any students who are not picked up before 2:50 will return to the school for pick-up.
  • Safety Procedures: All students are required to wear skates when on the ice.  NO BOOTS ALLOWED.  Students must also be wearing mittens and a CSA approved helmet. Students wishing to play hockey at the end of the rink, must have a face shield on their helmet, hockey gloves, and a stick.
  • Hockey: For a period of 10 minutes each, at the beginning and end of the skate, students with the appropriate equipment (mentioned above) will have the opportunity to take shots on our very own goalie, Pastor Jeff.  Following this 10 minutes, students will be playing a scrimmage game of hockey.  If you have any questions regarding this privilege, please see Mrs. MacNeill for clarification.

Free Milk Day:

On Thursday, February 26th, each child in the elementary grades will be offered a free chocolate milk, as part of our school milk program.



Enjoy your week!


Mrs. Barton

Pictures from Love of Reading Week







Wednesday Skating at Simmons Arena

2015-02-11 14.31.55

Thursday was a busy day. Our character dress up day started off with a Mr. Biech as a guest reading to the elementary.

2015-02-12 09.08.22 2015-02-12 09.08.39 2015-02-12 09.10.27


Then the High school students came down to read to us.

2015-02-12 10.56.49 2015-02-12 10.56.57 - Copy

Visiting Mrs. Huizing’s creative writing class to listen to their children’s stories.

2015-02-12 13.17.00 - Copy 2015-02-12 13.17.09 - Copy

The Grades one and two Character dress up day winners.

2015-02-12 14.44.49 - Copy

Snow day Tuesday February 17th

Hello Parents,

Sorry for the lateness of this post but as I was working on it our power went out. It just came back in a few minutes ago. Due to the epic amount of snow that we received over the last two days GCS will be closed on Tuesday February 24th to allow for clean up.

International Dinner Rescheduled for Tuesday Feb. 24th.

On February 24th at 5:00 pm, GCS will host a second International Potluck Dinner. All are welcomed for another great night of food and entertainment from around the world! Entertainment will take place in the church sanctuary at 5:00 pm, followed by a potluck meal at 5:30 in the school gymnasium.

Love of reading week:

Last week we had a fabulous time with Love of Reading week. Students enjoyed our stop-drop-and-read times where everyone in the school stopped what they were doing and read. Students also had lots of fun with our character dress up day on Thursday. The high school came down for book buddies but also judged our classes for the best costumes.  Riley won in grade two for his costume and Brianna won for grade one.  We ended off the week by visiting Mrs. Huizing’s creative writing class where grade one and two students got to listen children’s stories written by the creative writing class.  Over all we had a great week with lots of fun!  I will post pictures of last week’s events in the morning when I have my computer on.


This week we will be working on List #13 for grade one and List #16 for grade two.  For grade two list # 16 introduces 3 vocabulary words. Students will be required to know the meaning of all three words. For the test I will pick one of the words for them to write in a sentence. At the moment we will plan to have a test on Friday. Please help your child study their words at home tomorrow.

Happy shoveling tomorrow! I know we still have a bit to do.

Mrs.  Barton

February 9th -13th

Hello Parents,

I think we have all had enough snow for this winter!   We are hoping that this week will be a full week of school  with no more storms!   Because of all the snow this week we had to cancel our parent teacher interviews Thursday and Friday.   If you are interested in meeting to discuss your child’s progress please send me an email at and I would be happy to set up a time to meet with you.

We have a busy but exciting week ahead of us. This week is Love of Reading week.   Students are encouraged to bring in their favourite books.  Below outlines what will be taking place.

Love of Reading Week Schedule

  • Monday 9th – All School Kick Off – What’s Your Favorite Book Presentation
  • Tuesday 10th– Stop – Drop & Read Day.  There will be fun prizes and treats for those who are caught reading throughout the day.  Don’t forget your favorite books!
  • Weds. 11th – Design a Book Mark Contest – Grades 1 – 6
  • Thursday 12th – Character Dress Up Day – Students are encouraged to come dressed as one of their favorite book characters.  High school students will host character snack time & reading buddies throughout the day as well.  Thursday we will have a special guest reader in the Elementary.  Hmmm, who will it be?!
  • Friday 13th – Students who bring their bookmark design to the library & tell us what they have read throughout the week will receive a delicious treat, and perhaps a fun prize.



We will be skating this Wednesday February 11th at Simmons Arena.   A permission slip was sent home last Wednesday with your child.  Please sign and return the permission slip, along with the money ($3.00) on Wednesday.  We will be leaving the school at 1:15.  Students are to be picked up at Simmons Arena by 2:45.  Simmons Arena is located at 170 North River Road.  Arrangements will be made for those students in the after school program, to return to the school.  All students are required to be on the ice, so if your child does not wish to skate they must be picked up at the school before 1:15.    Students must wear a helmet and mittens on the ice at all times.  We will need drivers for this event. Please let me know if you are available to drive for us.

Family Violence Prevention Day:

In recognition of Family Violence Prevention Day, students and staff of GCS are encouraged to wear purple on Wednesday, Feb. 11th.  We can do so much more though- why not take some time throughout the day to pray for those who are coping with family violence!

International Dinner:

As our school continues to be blessed with so many families from China, we are going to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Mark your calendars and dig out your recipe book, because on Tuesday, February 17 GCS will host another international Potluck Dinner. All are welcomed for another great night of food and entertainment from around the world. Entertainment will take place in the church sanctuary at 5:00 pm, followed by a potluck meal at 5:30.


Grade one and two learning Mandarin. 

On Wednesday afternoon grade one and two will have a lesson in how to speak Mandarin. We are so blessed with a rich culturally diverse school and what a great way to show the love of the Father by connecting with language.


This week’s tests:

Wednesday Feb. 11th —  Math test

Thursday Feb. 12th — Phonics Test

Friday  Feb. 13th — Spelling test ( Grade one list #12, Grade two list # 15)



Enjoy your week!

Mrs. Barton