April 2-6 Schedule

The grades one and two class will begin their standardized tests next Wednesday, April 4 and Thursday, April 5.   There are a few hints I would like to give you to help ensure that your child does his best.    Please make sure that he eats a good breakfast and is well rested before the test.   Reducing stress as much as possible is important.   Sometimes doing something with your child that he particularly enjoys can help him to relax.   Testing will begin promptly at 9am, so please have your child at school on time.

When your child is not taking the standardized tests with me, he will be playing quietly in the fellowship hall under the supervision of our student teacher, Miss Grant.   The students are encouraged to bring a small indoor toy (non-electronic) to share with their friends during this free time.

Please read the April 2-6 schedule for specific details pertaining to our class.   Next week is a four day week, as we take time to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for everyone on Good Friday.   Please remember that there is no school on Friday, April 6 and Monday, April 9 in honour of Easter.

March 26-30 Schedule

Welcome back to school.   I hope everyone enjoyed their March Break.   It will be fondly remembered as our mini-summer.    This is a regular five day week.   Please read the March 26-30 schedule carefully for activities and tests specific to our class.

This week’s Family Circus cartoon reminds us of the importance of young children completing homework with the help of their parents.   Reading homework is assigned four nights a week, while spelling homework is assigned once a week.   Our procedure for reading homework is for the student to read the assigned pages twice to himself and once to an adult.   This means that the assigned pages will be read three times at home.   Please listen carefully, as your child practices reading fluency and accuracy with expression.   Reading homework is essential for your child to continue to progress academically.   Upon completion of assigned homework, parents are asked to sign their child’s agenda.   Thank you for your continued help and support in this essential academic discipline.

March 12-16 Schedule

Remember to spring ahead this weekend, by setting your clocks ahead one hour before you go to sleep on Saturday night.   I am sure that despite the loss of one hour’s sleep, the students will be excited to come to school next week, as we celebrate Winter Carnival and count down to March Break.

General Reminders:

-Every child needs a spare change of clothes at school, including underwear and two pairs of socks.  With spring like conditions upon us, the children are wet through their snowpants after recess and need to change.  Staying in wet clothes is not healthy or comfortable.

-If your child has been vomiting, please keep him/her home for at least 24 hours after the last incident.

-On days when you anticipate we could have indoor recess, please remember if conditions improve we will be going outside, so make sure your child is dressed appropriately.   On rainy days, students are invited to bring one small toy to play with during indoor recess.

Dress Up Days and Special Events for Grades One and Two:

Monday, March 12 = Pajama Day

Tuesday, March 13 = Twin Day

Wednesday, March 14 = Dr. Seuss Day, Board Game Afternoon (send a game your child knows how to play)

Thursday, March 15 = Superhero Day

Friday, March 16 = St. Patrick’s Day, last day of skating at Simmons Arena (pick up at the rink by 2:30pm)

Additional information regarding Winter Carnival is available on my “WinterCarnival” post (see March 6).   Please read the March 12-16 schedule for other important activities including tests.

Winter Carnival 2012

Next week will be winter carnival week at Grace.   The student council sponsors dress-up days.   Remember that modest, clean, neat and appropriate are always the keys to remember when dressing for any school day.   The student council have chosen the following themes:

Monday, March 12 -Dream of coming to school in pajamas?  Make that dream a reality and start the week wide-awake in your jammies!

Tuesday, March 13 – If you have ever wanted to be a twin, today’s the day!  Plan with a friend and come to school with a look-a-likes.

Wednesday, March 14 – Do you have a favorite character from a Dr. Seuss book?  Have fun and become the character today!

Thursday, March 15 – Who’s your superhero?  Whether he’s a caped crusader or an athlete or she’s a resourceful princess or an author, celebrate someone you admire today!

Friday, March 16 – Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a day in advance by wearing green today!

March 5-9 Schedule

Next week is a regular five day school week.   We have two field trips planned.   On Tuesday, March 6, we will be snowshoeing at Victoria Park in the afternoon (storm date: Thursday, March 8).   On Friday, March 9, we will be skating at Simmons Arena.   Please remember that pick up is at Simmons Arena at 2:30pm.

Please read the March 5-9 schedule for details specific to our class.